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Student Trips?  We do that.

The best educational tour of Europe for your students.

That’s what we provide.  Nothing less.  

“One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced as an educator has been exploring the wonders of Europe with my students.”

As a teacher, I’ve taken hundreds of students on educational journeys throughout Europe, and I’ve seen the results – open minds, new perspectives, deeper understandings… there is no doubt that good travel enhances education.  And that is the key – “good travel”.  While the big box tour companies may have catalogues full of seemingly endless itineraries aimed at the student market, they lack a true educational focus.  Fellow teachers who have used some of the big corporate tour services have complained to me about the lack of authentic learning, the surplus of “shopping opportunities”, the expensive “additional extras” and “expected gratuities” that should be included to begin with, and the general feeling that they and their students are just a few more customers in a huge, impersonal enterprise. Good travel should not be like that.  Good travel should be joyous and meaningful.

OneLife Tours provides outstanding customized itineraries focussed on your specific educational goals.  We are actually interested in what you teach and what you want your students to get out of their time in Europe. During our initial free consultation, we will develop a travel plan which will ensure that your students get the best value for their money, and that you have a safe, enjoyable journey that has a lasting impact.

We have many different itineraries we can customize for you, or we can build an itinerary from scratch, with as little or as much input as you would like to provide, all at no obligation to you.  You can choose to have a tour director accompany you for the entire trip, part of the trip, or not at all.  The point is we are flexible and accommodating.  

Take a look at some of our sample itineraries below, and when you’re ready for the best in educational European travel, contact me and we’ll set up your free consultation!

Craig Bresett Glastonbury1Signature

Craig Bresett, Teacher and Educational Tour Director

Having previously used one of the big student tour companies, we were looking for something different, something better for our students.  Thankfully, we found your company. We would definitely recommend OneLife Tours to other teachers – from the initial consultation and the pre-trip planning through the actual trip itself and even afterwards, Craig was a true professional.  Our students had a great trip, and so did we!  We’re already planning our next school trip with OneLife Tours!

Ray and Dean

Teachers, Gulf Islands Secondary School

Sample Itineraries

We don’t have a catalogue filled with per-packaged tours – we customize everything to your needs.  We can fully design a tour based on any specific (or vague!) ideas you might have.  Our tours are truly unique, which is what sets us apart from the big-box tour operators.

We have an extensive collection of itineraries we’ve put together for different school groups.

Here are a few of the trips we can provide as is or adapt to your needs.  Full details available upon request:

  • Grand Tour of Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy) {18 days}
  • Romance Languages and Cultures (Spain, France, Italy) {16 days}
  • Best of England and Wales {15 days}
  • Celtic Connections (Scotland, Ireland, Wales) {15 days}
  • Italian Excursion (Venice, Bologna, Cinque Terre, Florence, Siena, Rome) {14 days}
  • Adventures in German (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) {14 days}
  • Best of Central Europe (Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest) {14 days}
  • French Language, Culture and History (Paris, Normandy, Loire Valley) {12 days}
  • Western Balkan Journey (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) {12 days}
  • Great Capitals of Europe (London, Paris, Rome) {12 days}
  • Ireland in Depth {11 days}
  • Alps Adventure (Switzerland, Austria, Italy) {11 days}
  • The Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands) {10 days}
  • London in Depth {7 days}
  • Paris in Depth {7 days}
  • And many more!  Contact OneLife Tours and start planning your next student trip today!

Start your best educational trip to Europe right here!

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