Florence is on everyone’s must-visit list in Italy and is full of fabulous art, shopping, and yes—food. 

Over at Walkingfarfromhome.com they’ve researched five tasty and inexpensive bites to try while in Florence—perfect for a quick break from one of Florence’s many world-class museums and sites—or as a chance to savor a bit of the local way of life. 

Here’s my 5 Favorite places in Florence, all of which hit the sweet, delicious intersection of price, taste, and local ambience.


1. Gelateria Santa Trinita. There will always be a fierce debate regarding Florence’s best gelato,  but in my mind there’s a clear winner. What’s more, this place is reasonably priced despite its prime location. Go and agonize over the best flavor combo (you’ll be back), then walk over and grab a seat on the bridge. Settle in and watch the sunset over the river while the street performers do their thing.

Piazza dè Frescobaldi, 11-12r
50125 Firenze, Italy

2. Gusta Pizza. I ate this pizza five times in six days. It’s quick, tasty, and cheap, (5 Euros for a whole pizza of mozzarella, tomato sauce, and fresh basil). Take it and go and sit on the church steps in Piazza Santo Spirito along with the other cool kids who make this place their hangout most every night when the air is warm. Don’t miss it—the pizza or the chance to soak up one of Florence’s quintessential public spaces.

Via Maggio, 46r
50125 Firenze, Italy 

3. Caffé Scudieri. Perhaps the best espresso drinks I found in Florence. The location too is unbeatable (facing the Duomo). Despite its elegant old-school vibe it’s not expensive if you stand at the bar (instead of sitting). Also be sure to try some of their amazing little pastries and candies. The trick to ordering here is to first pay for your coffee at the litte corner register and then take your receipt to the barista.

Piazza di San Giovanni, 19 
50129 Firenze, Italy

4. All’Antico Vinaio. Their porchetta sandwhich was truly one of the best sandwiches of my life. Period. All sandwiches are on foccacia. It’s also cheap (5 Euro!) and just one or two minutes from the Uffizi area! I beg you, don’t come to Florence and miss this sandwich.

 Via dei Neri, 74
 Firenze, Italy

5. Biblioteca delle Oblate. A bit of a hidden gem: go into the courtyard, through the library, and up to the roof where there’s a decidedly student and non-touristy vibe with a rooftop view of the Duomo. Coffee is respectable—nothing extraordinary—but worth it for the view and the feeling that you just might pass as a local.

Via dell’Oriuolo, 26, 50122 
Firenze, Italy