Grand Tour

“This Europe trip was a dream come true. Craig is an enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgeable tour guide. Our days were full with tours and just the perfect amount of time to explore each destination on our own. I went as a single person and I was very grateful to be touring with a group. I felt safe, included and grateful to share my experiences with others. I appreciated experiencing both the busyness of the cities as well as hiking through the variety of nature settings included on this trip. Each day was a gift. Thank you for all the thought and planning that went into this trip as it truly was spectacular!”  Carla – Grand Tour 2014

“What a great experience. We would not hesitate to recommend your tours – our tour exceeded our expectations in every way!!” Greg and Ronda – Grand Tour 2014

“The trip was well rounded with planned activities/meals and then time on our own. Staying put for a couple of nights to get the feel of the area was great and made for a more relaxing tour. The variety of activities were well planned. We really enjoyed the trip.” Laurence and Elaine – Grand Tour 2012

“We had an exceptional trip. Craig was amazing. Good balance of background and teaching – not at all overdone. Very knowledgeable and professional. This was our first family tour and it was fun, informative and a very rich experience.” Mark, Ashley and Jonathan – Grand Tour 2012

“Don’t under-estimate the value of the organization that Craig and OneLife Tours puts into its tours. The ability to bypass long lines at popular venues and the ability to walk in to a nice restaurant with a small group of people, sit down and enjoy a great meal with no hassle is worth the price of the trip. We went into this tour with the intention of not having to worry about anything, to just enjoy ourselves and our time together. We must say, we met our goal! Thanks Craig!” Rod and Sandra – Grand Tour 2012

“Craig was professional, organized and knowledgeable in every aspect of this trip. He saved a lot of time by pre booking popular venues and restaurants and we found the restaurant choices to be spectacular. The hotels were great. Each hotel was unique, they were all clean, breakfasts were good and locations were excellent. Good choice of cities as well as great level of activity. Varied activities related to broad range of ages in our group. Bus and driver were exceptional and a significant part of the tour’s success. Group meals were great. Hard to determine value for price other than this was a great investment into family time and memories. Group size was ideal.” Charlene – Grand Tour 2012

Best of The East

“My husband and I have travelled three times to Europe with Craig as our tour guide.  We had complete confidence in him due to his excellent organizational skills.  Craig is very knowledgeable about Europe and appears to get great pleasure in sharing it with others.  What we have appreciated most about Craig is his ability to work well with others and to show patience even when the unexpected occurs such as tour members forgetting passports at the previous lodging.  Flexibility is something that is necessary when working in foreign countries with a group of tourists and Craig was very adaptable.  We always felt we got more than our money’s worth because Craig respects that to travel often means people work hard to save for special lifetime memories.  We would not hesitate to travel again with Craig and hope to in the near future.”
Bob and Mary – Grand Tour 2006; Grand Tour 2009; Best of the East 2010

“Your Europe Tour of 2009 was a super experience. I appreciated the detailed organization, the variety of activities included, the pace of each day, and your manner of interacting with all of us. You moved us along when necessary, but also allowed us our pace when that was appropriate. Your range of local contacts convinced me that you work hard at making your tours fun and informative, with an engaging flavour.”
Ernie – Best of the East 2010

“Having been my first time to Europe, I was amazed at the high level of organization of all aspects of the trip and Craig Bresett’s ability to zero in on the ‘best of the best’.  Craig is a very knowledgeable and capable leader. More importantly he is passionate about European history and he instills an interest and desire to learn more. I always felt as though we were getting so much more than other groups that we would see at different attractions. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone who is seeking out a fantastic experience in Europe.”
Cheryll – Best of the East 2010

“Beyond the exceptional organization and itinerary I found that your knowledge of history, geography and art allowed me to not only enjoy the beauty of every location and venue, but to understand how each or these where inter-related.  Additionally I very much appreciated the time that we had at each place to explore and take in the history and splendour that we found in Europe.  The tour went well beyond our expectations and I very much look forward to future European travel with you.”
Gary – Best of the East 2010


Grand Tour

“If you are looking for an amazing experience, one to never forget, the Grand Tour of Europe is the way to go. We saw everything you would ever want to see in those 17 days away. The museums, the cathedrals, the country sides, the food and the people…. I could go on forever. I absolutely loved the fact that it was all planned for us. There was no pressure to know what to do next and there was no worry that we would miss anything. It was so comfortable, so entertaining, so fabulous and I would recommend these tours to anyone and everyone. Craig Bresett is a fountain of knowledge and any question you ask will probably be answered. I actually told my husband I would never want to do a trip like that without Craig leading it. I plan to take one in again but this time with my husband. A dream trip came true for myself and my daughter.”
Mirella – Grand Tour 2011

“Craig Bresett took us on an amazing tour of Europe.  He was extremely knowledgeable with a great sense of humour.  He made travel a genuine pleasure while also a learning experience.  The trip was three years ago, yet my children and I still reminisce about the great memories we have of our trip together.  I would highly recommend Craig Bresett as a tour director.”
Jackie – Grand Tour 2008

“It’s long been a dream of mine to experience Europe and your tour did not disappoint!  Your knowledge of the sites visited and our “hands on” experiences really made history come alive.  I really appreciated the carefully planning that went into every detail of tour and look forward to another one before too long!!  Thanks!”
Heather – Grand Tour 2008, Grand Tour 2014

“I joined one of Craig’s tours of Europe in the spring of 2009 and it was the best Europe tour I’ve ever been on.  Craig is very organized.  He takes a lot of care to share his knowledge of the history and current environment of a place at just the right time, at other times letting his tour participants discover for themselves.  The motor coach and driver that Craig has partnered with are excellent.  I felt safe at all times.  Craig balances the mix of activities very well.  Whether it’s walking, riding public transportation, museum tours, cathedral tours, sightseeing, shopping, leisure time, arranged meals, meals on your own, checking in to accommodations, role call, or riding the bus to the next location, you know that Craig has spent hours planning just the right sequence of events to ensure that each one of his travellers feels that they discovered as much of Europe as they could in what little relative time a tour can offer.  I know you won’t be disappointed taking a tour with Craig!”

Randal – Grand Tour 2009

“I had the pleasure of traveling with Craig as my tour guide in 2011 across several European countries. The trip itself was extremely well planned and our time very well managed.  This allowed us to see many sites each day, thus maximizing the tour experience.   There was no unplanned down time…it was very well orchestrated.  Seeing the sites was a great experience but what made it that much more special was Craig’s informative presentation at every location visited.   His knowledge of each and every stop was shared in detail, thus giving more meaning to the experience.  To see the sites is one thing but to hear about the history, the whys and wherefores of each stop along the way greatly enhanced the trip, making it so much more complete. Should I return to Europe one day, I would not hesitate to engage Craig’s services.  I highly recommend him if you want to experience more than just the sites. He really has it down pat!  Maximum daily experience given the detailed level of planning and precise execution.  And of course, the detailed history shared at each locale.  It was a great trip thanks to Craig’s first-hand experience and intimate knowledge of the sites.”

Roger – Grand Tour 2011

Best of Britain

Our tour of Britain was an amazing experience from start to finish.  The carefully chosen itinerary and great daily experiences will never be forgotten.  Ray and Craig did a fantastic job of guiding us, making the history come alive.   Highly recommended!
Christine – Best of Britain 2012